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Alcalic fasting


Food creates either an acidic or an alcalic reaction as it is metabolized. To much acidic food can cause a diversity of health troubles – general discomfort, tiredness, lack of energy, restlessness, chronical headaches, skin problems, problems with joints and bones – to name just a few.


In order to balance itself into an alcalic millieu, the body needs minerals and if it does not get enough of them in our daily food, it uses up internal reserves. Without sufficient dietary supplies the body will suffer a lack of important minerals.


Alcalic fasting is a gentle method to detox and remineralize the body.


During the alcalic health week we will solely eat alcalic food. This is an opportunity to experience the benefits of alcalic food, give the body a rest from our usual eating habits,try a new way of cooking.


Sauna, relaxation, hiking and movement in the fresh air will complete the course.


  It will be taking place in Sweden; at Ramshyttan Häst Gard, close to Nora / Närke in the amazing countryside of the Berkeslagen region.


In preparation for the course it is recomended to eat lighter on at least two days previous to the course, not to drink alcohol nor coffee.

If you have a chronical medical condition or are required to take medicine regulary please consult your attending physian previous to registering for the course.


The course will be held in English.





course with accommodation in double room 3500,- SEK p.P.

course with accommodation in single room 4570, - SEK




chanel in Berkeslagen
chanel in Berkeslagen